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  For further information on the TL Sport Aircraft please contact us at (888) 211-1773 or

AeroSport is proud to be teaming up with TL North America to be a Dealer and Service Center for the TL Sport Aircraft. 

Since 1989, TL Sport Aircraft has been bringing exciting, innovative, and efficient designs to the world of aviation. Today, TL Sport Aircraft is one of the biggest and most eminent manufacturers of composite LSA and experimental aircraft in the world. Their goal has been to provide an exhilarating product line that can be utilized all around the world. Building on their reputation of excellence and prestige our team continues to push the boundaries of modern aircraft design.

Every single model is individually engineered and given the utmost attention during the entire manufacturing process. Starting with our early airframes all the way up to our latest creation the Stream, we have helped introduce experienced and new pilots alike to this exciting world. TL Sport Aircraft gives you a new view from which to experience your next adventure.

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