Horis AD-AHRS is an electronic device, which includes several state of the art sensors and combines them into a small PFD display. It can serve as a standalone PFD display and it may be used as primary instrument or as a perfect backup.


The HORIS is available in 2 ¼" as well as 3 ⅛" sizes.  Cost is the same for both sizes. 

Kanardia HORIS

  • We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. HORIS only weighs 8.8 oz.

    Advantages: Very low power consumption (< 2W at 12V),low cost,precise altitude pressure and IAS (indicated airspeed) sensor – connects to pitostatic,precise angular rate sensors – gyros and accelerometers,GPS receiver,digital outside temperature sensor,lightweight design,CAN bus compatible.

    Horis AD-AHRS standalone unit shows:

    • attitude (roll, pitch),
    • airspeed (IAS and TAS),
    • vertical speed (Vario) indication,
    • altitude,
    • outside temperature indication,
    • QNH setting,
    • heading rate (1 minute and 30 seconds turn),
    • tracking course (True or Magnetic).

    Horis comes supplied with digital outside temperature sensor.

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