Indu Altimeter is an electronic device, which mimics classical altimeter construction and combines it with the state of the art electronics. This results in the best of both worlds; a perfect and intuitive analogue reading combined with high precision of modern electronics.


The Indu Altimeter is available in 2 ¼" as well as 3 ⅛" sizes.  Cost is the same for both sizes. 

Kanardia Indu Altimeter

  • We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Altimeter only weighs 8.5 oz.

    • Integrated battery provides approx. 1h of uninterrupted instrument operation.

    • The altimeter must be connected to the static pressure source. Either fuselage side surfaces or from the static port on the pitot tube.

    • Altimeter will transmit altitude, QNH and vario to other units connected to the bus. It also serves as a data logger.

    • The instrument can be delivered with two different scales. One scale is in feet and the other scale is in meters.

    • You can choose between hPa in the range of (590 - 1080) with one hPa step and inHg in the range of (17.42 - 31.89) with 0.01 inHg step.

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