Nesis, the complete navigation, flight and engine system for the ultralight airplanes, autogyros and helicopters. The Nesis family of avionics is a self-contained state-of-the-art EFIS instrument optimized for ultralight aircrafts.

Kit consists of:

NESIS 7" Touch Display

Built-in AD-AHRS-GPS module

EMS unit

Cables, GPS antenna and OAT sensor on cable

Kanardia NESIS 7" Kit

  • We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. NESIS 7" only weighs 26.3 oz.

    • Large 7" sunlight-readable display with high contrast.
    • Energy efficient

    • Personalized Layout, Logbook

    • ADS-B support

    • 3D Terrain

    • Multiple Maps support

    • Wi-Fi support for METAR

    • USB tethering support for map and software updates

    • NMEA Output

    • Real-Time Engine Monitoring

    • Radio Support, integrated video inpot

    • ADS-B GDL 90 support

    Nesis 7" is also available as a DUAL KIT for $6,094

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